Hola! I'm Vilva Athiban, the JS Jockey 👋. Fell in love❤️ with JavaScript and never broke up. I am passionate about building tech products and devtools. I also love to teach technology to others in depth. Creativity starts only when you can see the whole picture and hence I conduct Advanced Workshops. Know more about it here.

I am a FullStack JavaScript developer. I am from India, living in Berlin. I am a electrical engineer by qualification and self taught programmer by profession. When not coding or attending meetings at work, you can find me travelling (countries so far: 🇮🇳🇩🇪🇵🇱🇦🇹🇧🇪🇩🇰🇮🇹🇻🇦🇨🇿), painting or watching movies.

I am also planning an International Flower. Curious? I collect soil from every country/region I visit and when I cross 15 countries mark, I will seed a flower plant in it. And the flower that blooms from the plant will become the first International plant.

When it comes to daily work, I play a lot withJavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL, Typescript and React Native. I have also worked with NodeJS (Hapi and Express). I built highly scalable products for 5 years and for past 1 year I am building tools and libraries that makes Developer life easier. Currently trying to master Docker & Kubernetes.

When it comes to Open Source, I have built few tools and contriubuted to few famous libraries. Few of the tools I built are, Styled-wind with babel plugin version, hql-tag and a Cli, A Storybook addon listed on official Storybook docs, A VS code extension for graphql-codegen. Currently building OSSPuppy - a Open source tool for Open source developers. Check out my open source projects here.

I am a regular tech speaker and I have spoken in 25+ International conference and meetups across 6 countries. Interested in my talks? checkout here.

I am a seasonal blogger and Youtuber. You can checkout my articles here and my videos here.